The only certainty in life is you will face uncertainty, so we need to get good at it.

The only certainty in life is that we will face uncertainty. We live in a world of uncertainty, so we need to get good at embracing the unexpected because we can’t control everything that comes into our lives. I hope to convince you that this lack of control can be…

Medical care sometimes means doing something other than what we think is right.

Originally featured in Op-Med, a collection of original articles contributed by Doximity members.

“Do you think my surgery was a success?” the elderly gentleman asked me.

I was taken aback by the question. By all rights, this now 90-year-old man should have been dead. I considered his survival one of my greatest successes, and I told him so. He was not convinced.


You can learn a lot about yourself — and life — when you face a big void.

When your ankles are tied together, you don’t so much walk as shuffle. So when the man told me to walk to the end of the platform, I shuffled my way to the precipice and looked out onto nothing — precisely 43 meters (over 140 feet) of nothing that ended…

What it is like for a family of five Americans as they attempt to move to New Zealand in the middle of a pandemic.

“I’m afraid we don’t have any of the rooms you requested,” the dark-suited hotel receptionist told me.

I had dreaded the accommodations we might have to endure. That’s because, for the new two weeks, my family of five would be isolated in a hotel in Auckland as part of New…

It’s your choice: You can set them or have them set for you.

True Success Means Doing What is Important to YOU!

After a decade in my career, I found that I was successful. I also found that my life was a mess. I was being pulled in multiple directions, working on committees where I had no interest, putting in long days, and feeling dissatisfied with my life. I was at the…

Charles Black M.D.

Dr. Charles Black is a general surgeon, author, photographer, outdoorsman, world traveler and fireside philosopher. Website:

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